Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Taking a little break here...I have not picked up a camera or thought about blogging since May 17. That evening, a medical emergency nearly took the life of my precious hubby, Al. He is well on his road to recovery at this writing; so I expect I will be getting back to work in the near future.

Interesting how a situation like this affects one's perspective. Granted, I am exhausted from the ordeal, the constant awareness that life for us (at least for this moment) has totally changed. However, appreciation for things and people previously taken for granted has taken on a totally new focus. What a gracious gift is LIFE!! We, indeed, will never be the same. Appreciate it to the fullest...consider all that you wish to accomplish while on this earth and don't waste a single day...indeed, a single minute.

We are most thankful to the Lord for not only preserving Al's life, but making him stronger than he has been in years.

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