Friday, March 30, 2012


What a cutie!! My time with Neylan was fun-packed and very enjoyable, probably the most fun I've had in awhile. He was absolutely adorable. And that was a total surprise...he was very shy at first, just stared at me with the biggest dark brown eyes; he had no idea why this face behind the camera had come into his little life. 

But he warmed up to me with a little effort and from that point on it was all smiles. He was bundles of fun...not quite walking yet, but standing strong when he had something to steady himself, hold onto. It was one of those rare days of spring-like weather that we had here in March. Warm enough to kick off the shoes and get some barefoot pictures. 

We wore him out; his mother said he fell asleep on his way home. Just looking at his pictures now makes me smile.

Neylan, you can come back anytime!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The calendar tells me it is now spring...but the weather outside my window surely makes me believe that our winter is not yet past.

It would seem at times that our circumstances fit the same pattern. We can see, right around the corner, that things are looking up. But hold on, there is still a little of the "winter" now and then. Peace of mind only comes with, at this very moment, no matter the situation.

Impatience is but a form of discontent. I am reminded of The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck, the title taken from Shakespeare's Richard III. Both of these works show the downward slide that began with discontent. Dissatisfaction leads to desperate attempts to change, leading to ambition which can become obsession. We can lose sight what we already have and think the "grass is greener"...

I saw a beautiful illustration of that yesterday morning. The always welcome California poppy; against a gray sky, a very cool breeze, this beautiful and fragile little flower refuses to hide. It knows it is supposed to bloom at this time, and bloom it does. What a cheerful sight along the roadside. Funny how you spot them in unlikely places. And they "bloom where they are planted". Contented.

Yes, contentment is a way of life, a peaceful way of life. Weather the storms of life and relish the good times. It is all good, nothing is without purpose.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Change of Seasons

Change is life just as in the seasons of the year. As I watch my surroundings, the trees and flowers, the fields, rushing to burst forth with new life, new growth after the barren winter months, I am reminded that every day is new. The winter is a necessary component of life. All the old must die away to make room for the new. The beautiful blossoms on the dogwoods and plum trees around me would hardly be impressive if last year's leaves were still in foliage. 

How fitting then, that the dark "winters" of life are also a necessity. The difficulties and dark times in our lives produce untold strength and good in us. Firstly, it serves to build character and strength, humility and sensitivity to the hurts and needs of others. Secondly, we gain a new appreciation for the times when things are "easy", more pleasant. 

Life is a blessing not to be taken for granted. I am learning to appreciate, indeed even welcome, the winter. I see so much productivity in difficulty that I cannot do less than be filled with gratitude for the strength that it produces. Fortitude and of the "winter" of life. Springtime is a mixed bag...a little tease now and then of warm and beautiful weather. Then the wind and a little rain, a little cold, come along and remind us that winter has not yet fully passed. So in life we enjoy the good times and work through the tough times...not just merely survive them, but thrive.