Friday, March 30, 2012


What a cutie!! My time with Neylan was fun-packed and very enjoyable, probably the most fun I've had in awhile. He was absolutely adorable. And that was a total surprise...he was very shy at first, just stared at me with the biggest dark brown eyes; he had no idea why this face behind the camera had come into his little life. 

But he warmed up to me with a little effort and from that point on it was all smiles. He was bundles of fun...not quite walking yet, but standing strong when he had something to steady himself, hold onto. It was one of those rare days of spring-like weather that we had here in March. Warm enough to kick off the shoes and get some barefoot pictures. 

We wore him out; his mother said he fell asleep on his way home. Just looking at his pictures now makes me smile.

Neylan, you can come back anytime!

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