Thursday, May 3, 2012


Approaching their fourth anniversary...time to get those "engagement" portraits that were not taken before their wedding. 

Recently moved into their new home, out in the country, it seemed to be the perfect time and place for a photo shoot. "Livin' On Love" by Alan Jackson comes to mind. Their new property is just beautiful with trees, possibly some gold to be found in the rock...beautiful, and peaceful... tucked away in the hills. It was a delightful afternoon, a warm spring day but you could feel the humidity still hanging in the trees from the recent rain. All in all, a perfect day. 

And such a cute couple. They met at Sac Stae, had a class together but never got acquainted. Michelle says she did not particularly like Derik because he kept making noise...trying to annoy her? She was not certain. Then one day he asked her out, seemingly unaware they had a class together! And, as they say, the rest is history; she said from the beginning...they just "knew".

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  1. Omg! My friend Jessica and I used to be close with Derik in Jr. High and have been trying for a long time to track him down for a reunion! So happy to see he is doing well and in love! If you are able to contact him or let him know that Erin and Jessica are trying to get in touch with him, please do so! My email address is