Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Boy Jack

Patricia had an idea...she needed a portrait of her loving hubby to hang in their office next to the portrait of her as a young girl. 

So she came to me with the only portrait she had of him about the same age as her portrait. But, alas, it was a family portrait. She wanted Jack singled out of the portrait and brought into an 11x14 to compliment the one of her. 

Don't they make a lovely couple? Over and over again, as I worked on his portrait, I was struck by the fact that their son, Sean, looks just like his dad! And of course, their daughter Aimee really has his eyes!

Thanks for the privilege of allowing me to remake these portraits for you!

Here are the "before" shots with which we were dealing. Patricia's portrait had been badly damaged in need of repair; I repaired it last year:


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